Top Quality Ramo Buchon Artificial Flower Red Rose Bouquet For Best Wishes Latest Design

Dark Red Roses Ramos Buchones

Top quality Ramo Buchon Artificial Flower Red Rose Bouquet for any happy occasion like wedding, party, birthday. And it suits all kinds of weather. You can also use them in the rain, where they are not damaged. Apart from this, their weight is very low. And the Red Rose Ramo Buchon will make the happy moment of your life even better.

Product Description

Flower TypeDark Red Roses
ColourDark Red Colour
Material TypeSilk, Polyethylene
What Purpose Wedding, party, birthday
Indor or OutdoorBoth, Rain Proof
Star Rating4.7 Star +
Product Height Weight3.15″D x 3.15″W x 10.24″H

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